About Expectations

Our years of experience at strategic, financial and operational levels allow us to help companies in the B2B sector seize new opportunities in a changing world.

We do this by taking your customers’ expectations as a starting point. Our focus is on the customer relationship, customer focus and the agility of your organisation. We literally teach organizations to think from a customer perspective.

Identify customer expectations

(Expectations Monitor)

Analyse customer expectations
(together with Expectations)

Listen to: The customer perception

Want to and have to: Does it fit the strategy?

Can do: Connecting strategy, customers, people and processes

Draw up a roadmap
(together with Expectations)

Customer review
(automatically by the Expectations Monitor)

Always driven by growth

The founder of Expectations is Mike van Beek. An enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for technology and processes. At the age of 19, following the sudden death of their father, he and his brother became responsible for the family business along with 100 employees. Together, they made it to the European top.

After completing his Master in Operational Excellence, Mike was involved in several start-ups. One of these was the predecessor of today's Expectations. What started with a simple completion form for customer satisfaction surveys, has resulted in an innovative tool for B2B companies.

Expectations cooperates with other professionals. Not standard consultants, but rather hands-on experts from the field.

'Customer-focused companies contribute to their customers' results'

Mike van Beek

Our team