Want to conduct a B2B customer satisfaction survey?

Opt for customer expectations!

A customer satisfaction survey asks for feedback: the customer gives their assessment of a delivery in the past. In making that assessment they compare experiences with expectations. Meeting their expectations will lead to satisfaction. So, it is smart to have a clear understanding of the customer's expectations in advance.

Looking back is standing still,

looking forward is improving 

The market is changing and your customers are changing with it. So are their expectations. The time that a good product or service was enough is long gone. More is needed to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. A customer satisfaction survey looks back, not forward. Yet to keep improving, you must look forward. If you know what your customers want, you can think of what else you could do. And by contributing to your customers’ results you will also contribute to your own results. This boosts customer satisfaction!

The Expectations Monitor

The perfect tool to stay ahead!

The Expectations Monitor enables you to identify your customers’ expectations. With this user-friendly digital tool, you ask them just one question: what does the customer expect from your relationship? No endless input fields, no asking them what you already know. The valuable qualitative information this generates forms the basis for a thorough analysis and a concrete step-by-step plan. Expectations will help you with that.

As you choose which customers you invite to participate, you can adopt a targeted approach. Your customers will appreciate the personal approach of using the Expectations Monitor, as the extremely high response rate of 65-75% reflects. This is much higher than for a customer satisfaction survey.

Get started with customer expectations

Call in Expectations!

Are you committed to quality improvement and do you want to get your organisation to act? Then choose the Expectations Monitor. You use the tool yourself, but you are not on your own. As a result-oriented sparring partner, Expectations provides support, analysis and advice. We use proven methods and apply our extensive business-to-business experience, on the job learning being the approach.

Together, we will take quality to a higher level!

Improve your results with Expectations

Identify customer expectations

(Expectations Monitor)

Analyse customer expectations
(together with Expectations)

Listen to: The customer perception

Want to and have to: Does it fit the strategy?

Can do: Connecting strategy, customers, people and processes

Draw up a roadmap
(together with Expectations)

Customer review
(automatically by the Expectations Monitor)

Always driven by growth

The founder of Expectations is Mike van Beek. An enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for technology and processes. At the age of 19, following the sudden death of their father, he and his brother became responsible for the family business along with 100 employees. Together, they made it to the European top.

After completing his Master in Operational Excellence, Mike was involved in several start-ups. One of these was the predecessor of today's Expectations. What started with a simple completion form for customer satisfaction surveys, has resulted in an innovative tool for B2B companies.

Expectations cooperates with other professionals. Not standard consultants, but rather hands-on experts from the field.

'Customer-focused companies contribute to their customers' results'

Mike van Beek

What others say about Expectations

"We work with Expectations because we want to achieve our growth objectives”

"Aligning internal processes to customer expectations is what we are now doing much more effectively"

"Thanks to Expectations we are well on our way to reaching premium-brand level"

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