Looking to improve operating results?

Use your customers' expectations

The market is changing and customers are changing with it. So are their expectations. Good products or services are not enough, more is needed to create lasting value for your customers. And consequently, for yourself. But how do you do that?

Expectations helps improve your operating result by improving your customers’ results. To do that, we take your customers’ expectations as a starting point. You can only add value if you really know their expectations.

We combine elements of a customer satisfaction survey, needs assessment and the digital customer arena enabling you to collect valuable qualitative information that really helps you and your customers move forward.


Want to conduct a customer satisfaction survey? Opt for customer expectations!

Assessing is monitoring whether expectations have been met. So, ask about customer expectations rather than satisfaction.

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Waarde Toevoegen

Like to boost customer dialogue with a digital customer arena?

Would you like your colleagues to understand your customers even better? The Expectations Monitor will enable you to deepen customer dialogue easily.

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Expectations Monitor

The perfect tool to stay ahead!

The Expectations Monitor enables you to identify your customers’ expectations. With this user-friendly digital tool, you ask them just one question: what does the customer expect from your relationship? No endless input fields, no asking them what you already know. The valuable qualitative information this generates forms the basis for a thorough analysis and a concrete step-by-step plan. Expectations will help you with that.

As you choose which customers you invite to participate, you can adopt a targeted approach. Your customers will appreciate the personal approach of using the Expectations Monitor, as the extremely high response rate of 65-75% reflects. This is much higher than for a customer satisfaction survey.

Get started with the Expectations Monitor

Expectations Monitor


Icon Klanttevredenheidsonderzoek

Customer satisfaction survey

Want to conduct a customer satisfaction survey? Opt for customer expectations!

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Icon Digitaal Klantarena

Digital customer arena

Customer needs survey

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Icon Servitization

Servitization/Full-service strategy

Servitization and full-service strategies will soon become important themes.

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Icon Interne Betrokkenheid

Customer focus

Find out how you can really help improve your customer's results.

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Icon Klantloyaliteit Verhogen

Improve customer loyalty

Customer loyalty depends on more than satisfaction with the products or services provided.

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Icon Full Service Strategie

Value creation

More and more customers expect additional services. Good products or services alone, no longer suffice.

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What others say about Expectations

"Thanks to Expectations we are better able to meet customer expectations. Expectations helps improve our customer satisfaction."

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