B2B Customer satisfaction survey

A customer satisfaction survey asks for feedback: the customer gives their assessment of a delivery in the past. In making that assessment they compare experiences with expectations. Meeting their expectations will lead to satisfaction. So, it is smart to have a clear understanding of the customer's expectations in advance.

Expectations concern the future. Systematically asking customers about their expectations via Expectations Monitor will give you insight into how the customer wants you to perform. Discussing it will help you understand the reasons behind that expectation. You can use that input to determine your direction and range. In addition, after a while, your customer will automatically be invited to assess your performance with regard to the expectations expressed. Chances are the customer satisfaction will have increased!

What others say about Expectations

"Thanks to Expectations we are better able to meet customer expectations. Expectations helps improve our customer satisfaction."

The Expectations Monitor

The perfect tool to stay ahead!

The Expectations Monitor enables you to identify your customers’ expectations. With this user-friendly digital tool, you ask them just one question: what does the customer expect from your relationship? No endless input fields, no asking them what you already know. The valuable qualitative information this generates forms the basis for a thorough analysis and a concrete step-by-step plan. Expectations will help you with that.

As you choose which customers you invite to participate, you can adopt a targeted approach. Your customers will appreciate the personal approach of using the Expectations Monitor, as the extremely high response rate of 65-75% reflects. This is much higher than for a customer satisfaction survey.

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